A phygital store and sandbox of digital goods and future things. The first of its kind in the world.

We are beyond excited to present the new project of our founder Cecilia Tham made with her new company Futurity Systems, a Futures-as-a-Service company: SOFT – the Store Of Future Things.  A blank white space that transforms into whatever the visitors envision: a store, a gallery, a game, a future world.

Join us at the entrance of MOB – Makers of Barcelona, one of the largest creative coworking communities in Barcelona, to experience a new in-person way to enjoy our virtual worlds.  Here the metaverse can be as close as ever to the physical world, easily accessible for everyone at any time.

Like an unpainted canvas, visitors can see digital products, artworks, and artifacts through their own phone, or tablets and VR headsets provided by Futurity Systems. They can test out other immersive windows between the worlds, from 3D visuals to sound, smell, and even brain-computer interfaces. Together, we combine the physical and digital worlds with one another, allowing customers to make new experiences through decoupling and recoupling of their senses.

At SOFT, people get the chance to experience digital assets on the spot, since they make up the whole store concept. They still have the experience of going to a store and looking at things, with the only difference being that they are digital and not physical. Here you can purchase plantiverse NFTrees, our other Futurity Systems project to bring plants into the metaverse, other NFT art, digital clothing, and other digital assets – a curated experience.

SOFT wants to break down borders and open the gates to the metaverse and NFTs for everyone. Come and experiment with it at MOB Bailén from the 1st of March. You just need your phone, an open mind, and be prepared to encounter an experience to expand space down and beyond the real world.

  • Where? MOB Bailén, C/Bailén 11
  • When? From the 1st of March, 2022
  • How much? Free entrance from 10am – 7pm

In Partnership with: FabCafe  / Vantage / eXplorins / Univrse / Ivy.cash / Makers of Media / Soul machines