“Gastronomic consulting is basically being restaurants’ doctors.”

A native to Mexico City, Marina had been living in Argentina, Brazil and Canada before calling Barcelona her home. It’s been 4 years now of countless hours of yoga practice, several party nights that ended up watching the sunrise at the beach, visiting almost every museum in town more than once and what’s probably déformation professionelle: curating her gastronomic map of Barcelona, with more than 300 references. Well, Marina is a gastronomic consultant. Under the It’s Enjoyable Brand, she combines market knowledge, business strategy, operational expertise, gastronomic innovation and avant-garde cooking to develop menus and products. So yes, she probably has a say on the Food&Beverage local scene.


Marina, how did you end up in Barcelona?

Curiously, the first time I came to Barcelona I didn’t fall in love with the city. That was 9 years ago. I stayed in Poblenou and tried to bike from la Boqueria market to Parc Güell (of course, that didn’t go well). However, 3 years after that, I came back for an internship at the kitchen in the Hotel Arts. I had a summer love, lots of split shifts, funny days at the beach and a freedom I had never experienced before. I went back to Mexico with a mission: finishing university and then coming back to Barcelona with a one-way ticket. 

What part do you like the most about working in the gastronomic industry? 

The satisfaction of bringing out a smile to someone with something as simple, yet magnificent, as a good coffee or an exquisite dish.


What is “It’s Enjoyable” really about? How did it start?

Gastronomic consulting is basically being restaruant’s doctors. We help make restaurants profitable, diagnose problems and cure them. We also bring new ones to the world, a very dynamic, challenging and fulfilling responsability.
It’s Enjoyable was founded in Barcelona 8 years ago and I enjoyed this exceptional team two years ago. I feel I have achieved so much with them, and I’m happy to represent the brand in Barcelona.

A message you would like to share with anyone starting his/her own project. 

Maybe not the most inspirational advice, but not less important: Do the math first! Yes, I think in numbers. The financial side is crucial, to be worked out even before jumping for it. 

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