Same Spirit, New Energies

Every step we take in life leads us to a new horizon, but we must never forget where we come from. Our past has brought us right where we are and we love this place. We really want to take this opportunity to thank Cecilia Tham and Yoel Karaso who, 13 years ago, made a collaborative coworking community rise in the heart of Barcelona. A place that, among many other friends, we are lucky enough to call home.

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MOB – Makers of Barcelona was inaugurated in November 2011 in a moment when no one had heard of the concept of a co-coworking, even less a makers space.

“As timid as I was, I didn’t go the investor route”, Cecilia says.  “Why would investors invest in this project, when they have never heard of the concept of coworking?  So I risked the little savings that I had, made deals with a landlord, asked friends and colleagues to be first coworkers, mobbers, secured partnerships and rolled up my sleeves for the renovation of the 1000m2 massive space in the heart of the city where everything for me was seeded.  Of course, this wasn’t a single-handed effort.  Many people helped me along the way.”

Now, the Tisaire brothers, all former MOB members, take over with the same spirit and a new energy. We took this opportunity to learn more about their first memories here and their future plans leading MOB.

mob partners coworking space barcelona

Julieta Puigdomènech’s and the rest of the team unconditional support will be key, as much as the community’s trust and good company. Can’t wait to collect new memories and future achievements with all our members, friends & family, the real heart and soul of MOB – Makers of Barcelona.

Why did you decide to invest in this project?
Carles:  “because of its vibrant community and the impact that it generates”.
Albert: “after several years of close interaction with the company, this has marked my consolidation here. Now, the goal is seeing MOB become a benchmark in the coworking industry”.
Xavier: ”I firmly believe that the new trends in remote work reinforce the coworking concept and lifestyle. For more than 10 years, MOB has been able to build a strong community of freelancers and small businesses, dealing with critical difficult scenarios really well, proving its big capacity for growth and success!

Your first memory in MOB:
Carles: “I remember assembling chairs at MOB Caterina before the space was officially open”.
Albert: “I especially remember the first Christmas party that I attended, it was really fun. It was my official introduction to the team and the coworkers of that time and, above all, I experienced firsthand the sense of community”.
Xavier:  “3D printers in the hustle and bustle of a café”. How about that?

Define MOB in one word:
Carles and Xavier: ”Community. It’s the easy answer, but also the most genuine one.”
Albert: “Home.”

How will this change in leadership affect day-to-day in MOB?
Carles: “This change should not alter the daily dynamics at all. My aim is to enhance the current effort without interruptions. 

Albert: “Hopefully, it won’t. The idea is for the change to go unnoticed. We’d like to offer our renewed energy for MOB’s machinery to flow smoothly.”
Xavier: “The work accomplished until today has been exceptional, our plan is to keep it that way. We anticipate opening more spaces, which will broaden the range of opportunities for both coworkers and employees.”

How do you envision MOB in 5 or 10 years?
Carles: “As a space for creators and innovators, growing and adapting to foster diversity in projects and people.”
Albert: “The idea is to keep growing at a steady pace. We’d like to maintain the essence that MOB has always had of being a small but great community, where everyone knows each other and feels just as close.”
Xavier: “We believe MOB can easily open a new space every two years, so in the coming years, we would like to establish ourselves throughout Spain. And in 10 years, who knows, Europe?”

A message you’d like to send to the community:
Carles: “I’m really excited to join this adventure. I look forward to growing with you all.
Albert: “Providing us with feedback is the greatest favor you can do for us. It keeps us active, engaged, and motivated. Let’s seize this moment of change and opportunity!”
Xavier: “I’ve received so much from this community, now it’s my turn to help in all that I can.”

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