Meet our newest MOBility connection: Jxtapose, based in Hyderabad, a vibrant tech and fashion incubation city in India. 

Jxtapose was founded by a group of Architecture students – as they were missing a creative place to gather and inspire. They created their own, unique collective that focuses on creative and sustainable entrepreneurship. With their own Makers space dedicated to fashion and design, they are fighting for a more sustainable future in India’s fashion industry. 

Through both a physical and virtual presence, Jxtapose is all about discovering hidden talent, finding inspiration and making things happen.

Why Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is the meeting ground between North and South India. Due to a recent influx of young men and women from various parts of the country for better job opportunities, Hyderabad’s culture and attitudes have taken a turn towards “modernity”. The city’s vibrant entrepreneurial sector coupled with highly competitive real estate prices has led to a rise in demand for co-working office spaces, particularly along Hyderabad’s upscale IT corridor, as it’s a major centre for the technology industry.

MOBility Network

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Want to work from Jxtapose?

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Jxtapose Details:

  • Plot no: 587, Road no: 32, Jubilee Hills,
    Hyderabad, Telangana 500033
  • Website
    +91 – 8247473932