Marie was born in France and lived in The United States, Brazil, and currently, in Spain. She ran her first marathon this year and is training for the second.

This young French woman is very excited to lead her project. She grew up in a family where she was taught that women “can do everything they want”. Marie has chosen Barcelona to settle down and start her own business. She admits that she has taken the difficult path, working as an entrepreneur and leading a project for the first time. However, she confesses that when you “find the right people to work with and you can make them stay, it’s amazing”.

– What is B4Coach and how it was created?

B4Coach was created from my wish to develop and sell a product that I needed when I started to go to the gym. Due to Francesc’s knowledge of the industry (co-founder), we have designed a software created specially to improve the personal trainer’s performance and to help users to achieve their goals in a more attainable way in the long term. With the combination of an App, a fitness tracker and a dashboard, we allow personal coaches to set up training routines based on the objectives of each of their clients, then synchronize it with the App, so that the users just have to put on the wearable and train.

– Why did you choose Barcelona to develop your own company and why MOB? 

Barcelona is a famous city for students and I came here to study, but once I lived here I did not want to leave, so I found a job that allowed me to stay. When I started to work on B4Coach, I could not work from home because it is very hard to concentrate and stay focused on my own. That´s why I started looking for a coworking space. I decided on MOB because it was close to my home and the environment is nice, they organize events, there are always people to talk to, and the space is luminous.

– What are your next goals?

As we are planning to launch soon, our next goals are a bit linked to our marketing strategies, cause we want people to hear about us and to be really captivated by the idea. Since Halloween is around the corner, we are planning a zombie workout here in MOB, so people can work out with us and realized how fun training can be if you have the proper motivation.

So #Mobbers be ready for a Zombie Workout : )