“I was always a very restless person. When I finished high school, I told my parents that I wanted to make an exchange to learn English and I went to live in the United States for a few months. That experience mobilized many things in me.” When she returned to Mendoza, she studied graphic design and began working in a real estate startup. She learned about branding and digital marketing. But the desire to travel and to know the world was still present.

Without hesitation, she packed her bags and went to Barcelona. “It was not love at first sight, I didn’t find myself in the city. I stayed only three months.” Then, she decided to turn the rudder towards new horizons and Costa Rica was her chosen destination.

On the beaches of the Caribbean, she discovered the digital world. “I had a great experience working for Yahoo from the United States, and I understood that as my way. I worked three and a half years and since it was so intense, I did not have 1time to enjoy it.

I felt imprisoned in my own work

She then realized that becoming independent was the best alternative to do what she loved, and at the same time, have a free schedule. Once again, flight tickets, airports, moving, farewells and welcomes were part of her life, until she returned to settle in her native Mendoza.

“I always had the idea of having my own studio agency, but I needed experience. And Costa Rica gave me that. Then I returned to Argentina and joined the clients I had from previous years and formed my own studio, Ponder Studio, I started working in collaboration with other developers and now we do projects together. She says proudly, “I formed a great team of freelancers.”

I returned home to reinvent myself, but I knew it would not last forever

It was then that the city of Barcelona was presented to her again in her mind as a longed-for possible life. That´s why she decided to do a postgraduate in coaching. It is said that you have to trust your own instincts, and so it is with that, that after two years after living in the Catalan capital, Alejandrina is thriving and happy. She runs her own company, her team accompanies her online from Argentina, and this time, she did fall in love with Barcelona.

For her in this story, finding MOB was a key factor. It was the first time she worked in a coworking space. “When I arrived in Barcelona, I spent six months doing a home office. But, it is impossible to work from home, ” she laughs.

“I love a collaborative way of working with people that love what they do, forming teams with people who are good at different things. I like to connect people. We are working on that, giving it a new focus, connecting people, that’s why MOB is great, because you get to know a lot of talented people, so when you need an expert, you have them there, just next to you.”

Will Alejandrina renew her vowes with Barcelona? It is yet to be known, but when she does decide, one thing is for sure, she will decide that with her heart.