A partnership aligned to our core values

We want to celebrate the beginning of a partnership aligned with our values: innovation, community and fearlessness. 

As many of you know, MOB was born with the mission to make innovation accessible, and over the years it’s been reinforcing this purpose by creating a support network that encourages individuals and companies to grow. Projects like FabCafe, a digital fabrication makerspace promoting DIY culture, and allWomen, an academy of tech specialisation courses for women by women, were born in-house. 

With the aim of continuing to empower creatives and makers, this year we started by sending out a survey asking you about the makerspace of your dreams. The results were clear: you dream big! 

Another particular thing that has been quite evident this year has been the need to reconnect with the local scene. After a tough year in 2020, it has become very clear that we need more than ever to collaborate and build bridges: we are very good at some things and others are better at others. The pandemic strengthened our intention to connect with local businesses and support each other.

This mix of ingredients was the basis of something that was being cooked, and we can proudly say that it is now out of the oven:

From now on, any member of MOB – Makers of Barcelona has access to TMDC, an incredible makerspace with tools and machinery for wood, metal and plastics to build whatever you have in mind.

TMDC: the makerspace of your dreams

TMDC is a coworking space for people who manufacture. From machinery to work benches and complete personal spaces, they make starting your journey in manufacturing easy and accessible. 

TMDC facilities makerspace

In case you were curious, the name TMDC means “Taller para la Materialización y el Desarrollo de (grandes) Conceptos” and their facilities are located in an industrial workspace of more than 2000m2 equipped with Electroportable machinery, industrial machinery and CNC machinery for woodworking, iron and plastic. 

TMDC aims to give access to machines that are normally only available to large companies and thus boost local, decentralised and quality manufacturing. Their mission is to provide flexible access to a fully equipped workshop so that people can manufacture without limits. As soon as we heard about them, we knew it was a great idea to join forces.

TMDC aims to give access to machines that are normally only available to large companies and thus boost local, decentralised and quality manufacturing.

Great minds make alike

What are the benefits you get as a member of MOB? When you sign up at MOB, you automatically get access to TMDC facilities through reservation and discounts on their courses so you can learn about each machine and tool they have, be it related to carpentry, joinery, numerical control (CNC and laser cutting), lathe and more. Expand your network, bring projects and ideas to life and be part of a wider creative community that share the same values. 

We hope this is the beginning of a long journey together! In the end, “Great minds do make alike”. 

For more information, please get in touch with us!